The managing partners of the TORO Properties Group are keen on providing transparency and open communication to their investors from initial contact and orientation to ongoing communication and divestiture. To this end, TORO provides two types of communications to its investors.

Monthly Reporting Package
The TORO Properties Group makes a Monthly Reporting Package available to its investors on the secure Investor section of its website. Each investor can access this information through a unique username and password received from TORO. The monthly reporting package includes summaries on the investment’s performance and operations, detailed financial statements as well as key statistics on the investor’s particular multi-family investment. The investor can access this information at any time from any location and review or print the current monthly reporting package or any prior month.

Quarterly Meeting
The TORO Properties Group conducts quarterly in-person meetings, which are held in a small boardroom setting in Buckhead. These quarterly investor meetings provide investors with a detailed quarterly information update on their investment. The investor meetings are conducted by TORO’s managing partners and are designed to address all information needs, questions, concerns and issues of the investor. These meetings also provide an opportunity to meet other investors of the TORO Properties Group.