The TORO Properties Group provides the following information to interested prospective investors.

Information Package
The TORO Properties Group Information Package is sent to any interested prospective investor and contains a high level overview, including information on TORO, its partners and strategy as well as summary information on the current investment opportunity available to investors. If you would like to receive the current Information Package from the TORO Properties Group, please contact Robert Holtackers and provide him with your contact information and preferred means of receiving this package (e-mail or regular mail). You will receive the current Information Package and you will be notified of the available dates for the subsequent orientation meeting.

Orientation Meeting
The TORO Properties Group conducts periodic orientation meetings, which are held in a small boardroom setting in Buckhead. This orientation meeting provides prospective investors with detailed information about TORO, its partners, strategy and specific information on the current investment opportunity and its associated risk and return. The orientation meeting is conducted by TORO’s managing partners and is designed to address all information needs, questions, concerns and issues of a prospective investor. The orientation meeting, in conjunction with the offering memorandum, should provide the necessary information to a prospective investor to make the best investment decision.

Offering Memorandum
An offering memorandum is available to prospective investors attending a TORO orientation meeting. This memorandum outlines all details of the current investment opportunity with the TORO Properties Group and also includes the associated subscription agreement.