Since its inception in 1999, the managing partners of the TORO Properties Group have been approached by various individuals and other third parties seeking to invest in its multi-family investments.

Beginning in 2006, TORO’s managing partners have invited a limited number of individuals and third parties to invest alongside the managing partners in multi-family properties. In order to properly align the objectives of an investor with the managing partners’ objectives and to assure the agility of TORO in managing its investments, the managing partners will always invest the majority of the equity capital contributed to any of its investments. The managing partners also believe that this approach assures their investors of their commitment to each investment, both financially as well as professionally.

The TORO Properties Group currently offers two types of investments:

- Secured Bond
- Equity Participation

Secured Bond
A secured bond investment provides an investor with steady monthly income. The interest rate is fixed for a multi-year period at a rate that is substantially above the corresponding CD or money market rates. Monthly interest payments are deposited automatically in the investor’s bank account. The secured bond investment is backed by solid collateral and it is in a senior position compared to the capital contributed by the managing partners. Current secured bond investments are available in denominations of $100,000.

Equity Participation
An equity participation investment provides an investor with capital appreciation and inflation protection and in some cases quarterly cash-flow. The objective for these equity participation investments is an aggressive return while mitigating associated risks. Investment cycles typically span 2-3 years. The equity participation investor receives a double digit preferred rate of return. Furthermore, this investor has the opportunity to double this attractive preferred rate of return upon a successful divestiture of the investment. The equity participation investment is invested alongside the equity capital contributed by the managing partners. Current equity participation investments are available in denominations of $100,000.